descriptionBrutal backup of my Linux dot files.
last changeSat, 11 Jul 2020 04:11:08 +0000 (04:11 +0000)
2020-07-11 Nsukami Di... Update fzf location master
2020-07-11 Nsukami Di... Some updates about Emacs & Tmux
2020-06-24 Nsukami Di... add basic mercurial config
2020-03-06 Nsukami Di... brutal add of a big bunch of bash aliases
2020-02-23 Nsukami Di... Update xterm theming
2018-03-16 Nsukami Di... Update commit configuration
2018-03-09 Nsukami Di... Update bash prompt
2018-03-09 Nsukami Di... Update .bashrc config + add fzf configuration
2018-03-09 Nsukami Di... Update TERM & PATH environment variables
2018-03-09 Nsukami Di... Update alias for grep/python. Add alias for finding...
2018-01-28 Nsukami Di... Updated tmux config
2017-08-27 Nsukami Di... Not active but interesting bash customizations
2017-08-27 Nsukami Di... Add bash customization for django & prompt
2017-08-27 Nsukami Di... Bulk update of my dotfiles w/o really double checking
2017-01-19 patrick nsukamiadd git alias to diff ignoring whitespaces
2017-01-15 patrick nsukamialias for biggest sub directory
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