2015-03-18 patrick nsukamian alias for cherry-pick
2015-03-08 patrick nsukamiDjango alias for shell, another one for shell_plus.
2015-03-08 patrick nsukamiAn alias for grep, another one for django.
2015-03-05 patrick nsukamiMore aliases for django.
2015-02-26 patrick nsukamiGive me the service running on port.
2015-02-26 patrick nsukamiAliases for runserver & shell_plus.
2015-02-22 patrick nsukamiabort merge?
2015-02-22 patrick nsukamiI'm using tmux more often than top.
2015-02-21 patrick nsukamiSometimes, you really need a normal cd.
2015-02-20 patrick nsukamigit status + date
2015-02-19 patrick nsukamicd is now equal to cd;ls
2015-02-19 patrick nsukamiAn interesting for loop I want to play with.
2015-02-18 patrick nsukamiPrint tmux sess if available & Nim lang configuration.
2015-02-14 patrick nsukamialias for 'nim compile --run'
2015-02-13 patrick nsukamiLet's launch another instance of emacs when calling...
2015-01-23 patrick nsukamiBash functions host & ping, aliases for shells.
2015-01-22 patrick nsukamiAliases for mount/umount + fixes.
2015-01-12 patrick nsukamigit com for git co -m
2015-01-12 patrick nsukamicdpath, public ip, fuck, curlh, dl website
2015-01-10 patrick nsukamiPoor man bandwith monitor and filter function for grep -w.
2015-01-09 patrick nsukamiC-x like 'execute'
2015-01-08 patrick nsukamifixed my grep functions
2015-01-07 patrick nsukamiwell, just learning sed & awk
2015-01-06 patrick nsukamicurl -s -D- -o/deb/null to retrieve header only when...
2015-01-03 patrick nsukamiAlias: git cov for git commit --verbose.
2014-12-31 patrick nsukamishortcut to open my posts
2014-12-30 patrick nsukamiAdded new bind -x shortcuts. Added base64 utils, but...
2014-12-29 patrick nsukamijust trying to have fun w/ the bind function
2014-12-27 patrick nsukamigit alias au for add -u
2014-12-26 patrick nsukamiUse emacsclient instead of emacs as git editor.
2014-12-20 patrick nsukamia way to know how many commits since branch creation...
2014-12-20 patrick nsukamilost of really funny & amazing git aliases + lsa for...
2014-12-18 patrick nsukamiupdated the function I use to go to venv, can be better...
2014-12-16 patrick nsukamiinteresting shell aliases added
2014-12-13 patrick nsukamibasic mutt configuration, should try to deep customize it
2014-12-12 patrick nsukamitemplate usage function + template function + chown...
2014-12-11 patrick nsukamialias for last commit, pulled changes, not yet pulled...
2014-12-10 patrick nsukamian alias to list all git aliases, nice
2014-12-10 patrick nsukamigit alias to see last commit
2014-12-10 patrick nsukamialias to jump to root directory: git rev-parse --show...
2014-12-09 patrick nsukamilet's try a bash prompt w/ 2 lines; let's have some...
2014-12-09 patrick nsukamigit compactlog & dc alias, really nice
2014-12-08 patrick nsukamimade an alias for git stash branch, but not sure if...
2014-12-06 patrick nsukamiwhen doing ssh-add privkey, using completion, I should...
2014-12-05 patrick nsukamiaddition of completion for ssh-add and addition of...
2014-12-05 patrick nsukamissh config file
2014-12-03 patrick nsukamiuse env variable whenever possible
2014-12-03 patrick nsukamifixed a tiny error inside md5 extract function
2014-11-20 patrick nsukamisources list for apt
2014-11-17 patrick nsukamiThere was already an alias for listing files assumed...
2014-11-17 patrick nsukamigit show me files assumed unchanged
2014-11-17 patrick nsukamibash memo added & git alias added for no more assuming...
2014-11-09 patrick nsukamiAdded some utilities:
2014-11-06 patrick nsukamialias for listing files with assume unchanged status
2014-11-04 patrick nsukamishow time and date inside history
2014-11-04 patrick nsukamicd then ls; mkdir then cd; aliases for connections...
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamieverything related to emacs inside one file
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamistill tweaking my bash
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamistash is now equal to stash save -u, seems interesting...
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamichanged alias name for commit --amend
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamishow all untracked files, option kept commented
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamimodified undo-add alias, added undo-modif alias
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases to git, indentation added
2014-09-16 patrick nsukamifix of tiny bug inside my_xmd5 function
2014-09-14 patrick nsukaminatural scrolling + Ctrl & Caps_lock swap
2014-09-13 patrick nsukamiadded some emacs init files
2014-09-13 patrick nsukamiadded some more aliases
2014-09-05 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases, removed some functions, ...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamicustom shortcuts will all now begin w/ meta key & added...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamireadme added
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiemacs -nw instead of emacs as editor
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiMerge
2014-07-27 Nsukami _Initial commit
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigitconfig, gitignore & commit template message added
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigit completion added
2014-07-27 nsukamivcprompt added, because always used in my prompt
2014-07-27 nsukamidotfiles, initial commit