2016-06-11 patrick nsukamiupdate nameservers using resolconf -u
2016-05-17 patrick nsukamiif not specified, use netcat traditional
2016-05-17 patrick nsukamiadd alias for showing ip
2016-05-16 patrick nsukamiadd 'list fonts', 'remove emacs' server aliases
2016-04-27 patrick nsukamiupdate resolv.conf nameservers
2016-04-25 patrick nsukamiadd colorization of cli pretty printed json
2016-04-23 patrick nsukamiadd resolvconf to the list of default packages to install
2016-04-23 patrick nsukamiprompt always at bottom
2016-04-23 patrick nsukamiadd/remove some aliases
2016-03-10 patrick nsukamipomodoro from terminal
2016-02-27 patrick nsukamiweird but interesting way of bringing normal caps lock...
2016-02-27 patrick nsukamicaps lock as ctrl
2016-02-24 patrick nsukamiadd a create htaccess password function
2016-02-24 patrick nsukamiadd function to find file size & serial port
2016-02-23 patrick nsukamiadd default font & font size for xterm & emacs
2016-02-22 patrick nsukamiadd a dark theme to xterm
2016-02-22 patrick nsukamiadd custom tail for 500 exceptions
2016-02-19 patrick nsukamiadd cli json processor
2016-02-16 patrick nsukamiadd function to get weather from cli
2016-02-12 patrick nsukamiadd alias for drop all modifications
2016-02-04 patrick nsukamiadd git is-tracked function
2016-02-01 patrick nsukamixterm configuration
2016-01-21 patrick nsukamidirectory size alias
2016-01-18 patrick nsukamilist running (un)privileged lxc containers
2016-01-16 patrick nsukamisynchronize panes?
2016-01-13 patrick nsukamitig
2016-01-12 patrick nsukamiupdated bashrc
2016-01-05 patrick nsukamiopenssl utility functions
2016-01-05 patrick nsukamiadd two others git aliases
2015-12-27 patrick nsukamialiases for rust & ssh-add before ssh if necessary
2015-12-12 patrick nsukamiemacs default eshell
2015-12-12 patrick nsukamiemacs default shell
2015-12-03 patrick nsukaminginx init script
2015-11-26 patrick nsukamitiny tiny update
2015-11-24 patrick nsukamibzip2-doc libbz2-dev for custom nginx build
2015-11-23 patrick nsukamiupdate bashrc
2015-11-23 patrick nsukamidesk updated
2015-11-22 patrick nsukamilazy ssh (2)
2015-11-22 patrick nsukamiheu
2015-11-22 patrick nsukamilazy ssh-add
2015-11-18 patrick nsukamido not display all the cwd in prompt
2015-11-16 patrick nsukamiautoenv is now useless, because of desk
2015-11-14 patrick nsukamiinstall libreadline-dev for readline support inside...
2015-11-14 patrick nsukamifuck instead of please
2015-11-14 patrick nsukamimy sudo rules
2015-11-14 patrick nsukamialias to sudo, function to up network
2015-11-01 patrick nsukamiTesting post commit hook
2015-11-01 patrick nsukamiTesting post commit hook
2015-11-01 patrick nsukamicustom setting for git template dir
2015-10-30 patrick nsukamigit parent branch alias
2015-10-30 patrick nsukamibash function for compression
2015-10-03 patrick nsukamizip & pdftk should be default installed.
2015-09-29 patrick nsukamiAliases (status / restart) for postgresql & nginx .
2015-09-27 patrick nsukamiAddition of bash customization under /etc/profile.d/
2015-09-21 patrick nsukamiPassing params to git aliases.
2015-09-17 patrick nsukamiBasic interfaces configuration.
2015-09-17 patrick nsukamiAssume sudo for ifdown, ifup, ifconfig commands.
2015-09-16 patrick nsukamiList files installed by package XXX.
2015-09-02 patrick nsukamihwinfo package to detect hw info.
2015-09-02 patrick nsukamiudisks package to detect usb devices.
2015-08-31 patrick nsukamiberoot alias.
2015-08-25 patrick nsukamiExample lxc config file
2015-08-22 patrick nsukamiFind init system, new shell prompt, & share tty.
2015-08-22 patrick nsukamiSaved this grub file as I added a config for lxc memory...
2015-08-19 patrick nsukamiunicode characters inside prompt, just for fun.
2015-08-15 patrick nsukamipython-stdeb for building deb packages.
2015-08-14 patrick nsukamipackage to make the debian maintainer life easier.
2015-08-05 patrick nsukamirustc colored output?
2015-07-26 patrick nsukamialias for ls -lt | head -5 & bash prompt on top.
2015-07-22 patrick nsukamiExperiencing bash prompt at the bottom.
2015-07-21 patrick nsukamiBash func to zip files using python3 zip module.
2015-07-17 patrick nsukamiBing keys for complete, menu-complete and some git...
2015-07-15 patrick nsukamiEdit file as sudo with emacs.
2015-07-14 patrick nsukamiAnother interesting bindings.
2015-07-03 patrick nsukamiAlternative to virtualenv/pyvenv: pip install <pkg...
2015-06-29 patrick nsukamiEverybody needs supervisor.
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiInstall what I use the most, in one shot (2)
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiBest way to unban ip from jail.
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamik
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiA for loop is always better.
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiThis is not the only way to unban a jailed ip.
2015-06-27 patrick nsukamiInstall what I use the most, in one shot.
2015-06-21 patrick nsukamiCustomization python startup.
2015-06-20 patrick nsukamiAutoenv for activating virtualenv when cd into project.
2015-06-07 patrick nsukamiFont config for emacsclient -c. (2)
2015-06-07 patrick nsukamiFont config for emacsclient -c.
2015-06-06 patrick nsukamiAlias for launching a simple smtp server.
2015-06-03 patrick nsukamiAlias for short status.
2015-05-22 patrick nsukamiLonguest line in file.
2015-05-12 patrick nsukamiLess keystrokes (just trying).
2015-05-10 patrick nsukamiupdated sources.list + rmf alias
2015-05-08 patrick nsukamiUpdated my bash prompt, is nothing, then it's me.
2015-05-03 patrick nsukamiAnother fixes inside my config.
2015-04-30 patrick nsukamiFrom aptitude to apt
2015-04-30 patrick nsukamiGit config updated for push.
2015-04-30 patrick nsukamitmux conf
2015-04-29 patrick nsukamiFix of somes aliases.
2015-04-27 patrick nsukamils -l alias.
2015-04-26 patrick nsukamiAliases to retrieve manually installed debian pkgs...
2015-04-24 patrick nsukamiOfflineimap config used to retrieve email from gmail.