2014-11-06 patrick nsukamialias for listing files with assume unchanged status
2014-11-04 patrick nsukamishow time and date inside history
2014-11-04 patrick nsukamicd then ls; mkdir then cd; aliases for connections...
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamieverything related to emacs inside one file
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamistill tweaking my bash
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamistash is now equal to stash save -u, seems interesting...
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamichanged alias name for commit --amend
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamishow all untracked files, option kept commented
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamimodified undo-add alias, added undo-modif alias
2014-09-17 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases to git, indentation added
2014-09-16 patrick nsukamifix of tiny bug inside my_xmd5 function
2014-09-14 patrick nsukaminatural scrolling + Ctrl & Caps_lock swap
2014-09-13 patrick nsukamiadded some emacs init files
2014-09-13 patrick nsukamiadded some more aliases
2014-09-05 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases, removed some functions, ...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamicustom shortcuts will all now begin w/ meta key & added...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamireadme added
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiemacs -nw instead of emacs as editor
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiMerge
2014-07-27 Nsukami _Initial commit
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigitconfig, gitignore & commit template message added
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigit completion added
2014-07-27 nsukamivcprompt added, because always used in my prompt
2014-07-27 nsukamidotfiles, initial commit