Update fzf location
[dotfiles] / bootstrap_server.sh
2016-11-15 patrick nsukamiadd linux-tools-3.16 for being able to use perf-trace
2016-07-29 patrick nsukamiferm & shellinabox added
2016-04-23 patrick nsukamiadd resolvconf to the list of default packages to install
2016-01-13 patrick nsukamitig
2015-11-24 patrick nsukamibzip2-doc libbz2-dev for custom nginx build
2015-11-14 patrick nsukamiinstall libreadline-dev for readline support inside...
2015-10-03 patrick nsukamizip & pdftk should be default installed.
2015-09-02 patrick nsukamihwinfo package to detect hw info.
2015-09-02 patrick nsukamiudisks package to detect usb devices.
2015-08-15 patrick nsukamipython-stdeb for building deb packages.
2015-08-14 patrick nsukamipackage to make the debian maintainer life easier.
2015-06-29 patrick nsukamiEverybody needs supervisor.
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiInstall what I use the most, in one shot (2)
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamik
2015-06-28 patrick nsukamiA for loop is always better.
2015-06-27 patrick nsukamiInstall what I use the most, in one shot.