hwinfo package to detect hw info.
[dotfiles] / .bashrc
2015-08-22 patrick nsukamiFind init system, new shell prompt, & share tty.
2015-08-19 patrick nsukamiunicode characters inside prompt, just for fun.
2015-07-26 patrick nsukamialias for ls -lt | head -5 & bash prompt on top.
2015-07-22 patrick nsukamiExperiencing bash prompt at the bottom.
2015-06-20 patrick nsukamiAutoenv for activating virtualenv when cd into project.
2015-05-08 patrick nsukamiUpdated my bash prompt, is nothing, then it's me.
2015-04-21 patrick nsukamiGpg configuration.
2015-02-18 patrick nsukamiPrint tmux sess if available & Nim lang configuration.
2015-01-07 patrick nsukamiwell, just learning sed & awk
2014-12-09 patrick nsukamilet's try a bash prompt w/ 2 lines; let's have some...
2014-12-03 patrick nsukamiuse env variable whenever possible
2014-11-17 patrick nsukamibash memo added & git alias added for no more assuming...
2014-11-09 patrick nsukamiAdded some utilities:
2014-11-06 patrick nsukamialias for listing files with assume unchanged status
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamistill tweaking my bash
2014-09-05 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases, removed some functions, ...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiMerge github.com:LeMeteore/mydotfiles
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigit completion added
2014-07-27 nsukamidotfiles, initial commit