when doing ssh-add privkey, using completion, I should provide the complete path...
[dotfiles] / .bashrc
2014-12-03 patrick nsukamiuse env variable whenever possible
2014-11-17 patrick nsukamibash memo added & git alias added for no more assuming...
2014-11-09 patrick nsukamiAdded some utilities:
2014-11-06 patrick nsukamialias for listing files with assume unchanged status
2014-10-18 patrick nsukamistill tweaking my bash
2014-09-05 patrick nsukamiadded some aliases, removed some functions, ...
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamiMerge github.com:LeMeteore/mydotfiles
2014-07-27 patrick nsukamigit completion added
2014-07-27 nsukamidotfiles, initial commit